The Face of Ibiza Clubbing


Hi, my name is Laura and I’m the face of Ibiza Clubbing. I’m a 35 year old Dutch girl and very passionate about Ibiza. The first time I went to the island was back in the year 2000. A friend of mine suggested a lastminute trip to the island. Part of this cheap deal was that you didn’t know where you were gonna stay during your holiday. I don’t ┬áremember the name exactly but I do know it was a small hotel in San Antonio. Time to explore the island! As an Ibiza virgin I visited Cafe del Mar, Es Paradis, Amnesia and I knew this holiday was only the beginning……

Now, 15 years later, I still try to visit Ibiza once a year. Yes, it’s true: My name is Laura and I’m an Ibiza addict. To me, Ibiza offers the whole package. Not just a fabulous, nowhere else to be found, nightlife, but what about the beautiful beaches, friendly people, good restaurants and endless shops & boutiques. It’s a feeling that hits you as soon as you leave your first footprints on the island.


ibz 27Back in 2007 I decided to do something with my passion and started a Dutch Ibiza Clubbing community on Hyves. Unfortunately Hyves is no longer available (may he rest in peace) so I continued my little adventure with a facebook fanpage, a Twitter account and the glue that holds it all together: this website. I won’t say I’m an expert (After 15 years, there are still parties I haven’t visited and new beach clubs to discover) but I do know my way around the island and sure as hell love it. So I read, and search the internet for news about Ibiza and it’s nightlife in particular. Think about dj’s moving from one club to another, the rise of new clubs, the introduction of new parties and so on.

If you want to contact me personally, you can find me on Twitter.

But, enough about me. How about you? I’d love to hear about your Ibiza story!




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